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I need a new tv series to devourrrr.


So I've had some time on my hands (and means to "obtain" anything I want to watch) and feel like i've consumed everything I can think of. Recently I've watched all episodes of the following:

The Sopranos
30 Rock (favorite)
Breaking Bad
Lost (no comment)
Curb Your Enthusiasm
*12 Oz. Mouse (if you haven't watched this... i'm sorry)
Flight of the Conchords
Eastbound & Down (2nd fav)
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
How I Met Your Mother
Mr. Show w/ Bob & Dave
Sons of Anarchy
The Thick of It
Upright Citizens Brigade

I'm at an impasse and need your help! Throw me some ideas on where to go from here if you've got 'em. Anything funny, noisy, obscure, etc..

Pretty please?

*I'm actually planning a tattoo based on the show: