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I Hate Introductions.

I really do hate introductions, but like cutting our nails its one of the social mores we should conform to despite disdain. I have owned a computer my whole life, know how to use it, but could live without it. Been on the internet a long time, seen most of the English internet or at least the major sectors. I ran into Chuck Palahniuk a year or two ago, it was late, it was a dark time. I have insomnia and started watching it on HBO at 1 am, and I watched it straight through despite school the following day. Its been about 27 times now between me and my friend and the book has greatly influenced us; he is a lover of that neck-beard pansy Thoreau, while I stuck to a much broader love of media. I have read most of Haunted and some of Invisible Monsters, Survivor is the first book of his I finished- Pygmy was way to hard to read with the time I had to do it. So yeah, that's just a bit. As for the name, it's complicated.