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I has a research paper.

For my last project in AP English, I have to do a research paper. Sadly, our AP teacher this year actually is an old comp teacher and thus she is not all the way there, so our class only has about 3 weeks to do it. It's due April 24th. What the hell.


Instead of doing what I'd really like to do, a research paper on neuropsychology that would take a shit ton of time, I'm going to write a paper on our dear Chuck.
Any suggestions? Clever titles, sources, good subjects to write about? I decided I'd talk about his life, his works, the movie adaptations, and real-life incidents that have been influenced by his works. Like the Ukraine thing? If you know any others, that would be really cool.

I'm not asking you guys to do my paper, of course, just a little creative ideas to jump start me.
Why thank you.