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I dont listen to lyrics.


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When most people hear that they think im some pop child or something.

See the problem is a lot of the great bands musically, well there full of shit lyrically. So if i were to make lyrics a major part of why i like a group or song i would probably only listen to modest mouse gybe and some classic rock.

A lot of the bands i like mix politics and music, which i hate for two reasons. 1) most support idiotic politics. 2) politics just dont belong in music. Some of you might be giving me the finger on that one there, but think about it. What purpose does a song about say being anti-gun serve. A song is way to short, lyrics are often some what hard to understand at times and the facts on the issue would be to hard to put into lyrics to actually convince someone. Basicly only a fuck idiot could be convinced to be anti-gun because of a fucking three and a half minute song (though those idiots do exist, if they didnt there wouldnt be a green party ;) ). So what purpose do they serve, the way i see it there no different then a fucking bumper sticker saying im anti-gun or ban guns now or whatever (doesnt really matter). So basicly all it is a useless label of there beliefs. Its not really enjoyable (atleast not for me), not like the lyrics in a modest mouse song or rye coalition. Its just the basic equivalent of a fucking one liner, which i despise

I liked the days when songs were more like an extremely short story.

So what are my fellow unstable forum goer feelings on this.