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I can't find my glasses

herecomesthebirdflu's picture herecomesthebirdflu
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I'm new here and yes, I do realize the risks of making a first impression whilst hardly able to see what I am actually typing but sometimes you just need to grab your balls and jump into the deep end to cause a stir, right? Or am I simply making such a trivial task as introducing myself on a forum into something more than it should be? Whichever the case may be, it doesn't change the fact I fear I have lost my glasses again and that, my friends, strikes a chord in my heart that freezes it over like a popsicle.

I'm an avid Palahniuk fan. I adore the man. I've read every book of his and look forward to reading Pygmy when it's released in two months time. The thing is, my life felt unfulfilled before I found this website and why I never found it before can only be a result of my own hazardous sloth-esque manner of going about life. I care not for much except a good book, a pint and good tunes on the trusty iPod. I had no one to discuss my raging Palahniuk fetish with, however, and oh what a welcome sight these forums are.

And that's me.

Did I mention I'm Swedish?

Well, I'm Swedish.