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I Blog..Do you blog?

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Every since me hit up the Cult, me spend mo' time on the web. not saying its a bad ti'ng. so me frequent mo' sites. esp, a handful of blogs. me see all the cool links and downloads. me t'inks i can do that. rather than just pollute the web on one site(here), me decided to have my own personal blog. shit, fred duh-rst has one, why not I?

I have little knowledge on html coding, but I'm finding it fun to learn. At the moment, I'm just stealing all the stuff I like from other sites. Eventually, I'll read a book or view a tutorial on this tech stuff. My blog is pretty low-key at t'e moment, but I'll try adding mo' stuff as I learn.

me wonderz; doez anyone else have one? or do you recommend any blogs?