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I bit karma back, might die tomorrow.

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Today was pretty embarrasing. Karma basically peed on me all day long. I had a job interview to get a gig as a waiter at end-of-the-year corporate events. I wrote the address on a piece of paper and put it on my ass pocket. Biked down there. When im at the crossroad, i take out the piece of paper and i realize the 90 degree heat made me sweat so much that the ink had run all over the place. I lost the info. So im standing there, dashing into buildings asking weird shit cause i didnt even remember the name of the company. After an hour of explaining the situation to people and feeling proggresively more and more stupid, i biked my ass home. Only to find that halfway, i was loosing air on the front wheel. Slowly but surely, so i had to go as fast as i possibly could for the last 3 miles. Uphill.

Also my headphones started working through one phone only, which pissed me off. Feeling angry and wishing i could just fast forward into tomorrow, i slapped the laziest sandwich i've made in ages together and watched some tv.

2 hours later i was sortta over it, until i realized i lost my ID somewhere, and it can honestly have happened weeks ago. I just cant remember using it lately. Then i found a copy of Little Miss Sunshine that i rented out of blockbuster like 6 days ago, forgotten. 5 days late. Fuck.

Tired of everything, i went to blockbuster to pay the fee. On the road i realized the DVD cover that says "One Night Rental" wasnt sticked to the typical blockbuster DVD cover, that laid beneath the One night one. The original one said 7 nights.

So i took out the one night one, and returned the dvd like that. When the guy recieved it, he goes "ok, that'll be a 10 dollar fee for 5 days late return".
- me: "xcuse me?"
- "this was for 5 days ago. 2 dollars per day, 5 days late. 10 dollars"
- "It says right there, 7 nights. its only been 6 nights has it?"
- "well yeah, somebody must have taken out the one night inlay"
- "well obiesely, but thats really not my fault now issit?"
- "Yeah well, we always check that the inlay's there when we give these, so...". He just stares at me, silently. It's 10 30pm and all 5 of the guys that work there are looking at me. I look around and kindda cock my head slightly, slit my eyes and go
- "are you saying I took out the inlay and brought you this thing here?"
- "well,.... i dunno i..."
- "are you saying IM some sort of con man, conning myself out of a 10 dollar fee? what sort of pathetic con is that anyway?" Stfu karma, you had your way with me today already. The store manager steps in and tries to smooth shit out.
- "Sir, we're not implying anything but the fact is, that movie's 5 days late, regardless of what the inlay says..."
- "Yeah well i go by the information that the inlay that YOUR company puts in YOUR product. If some jerkoff before me took it off its not my goddamn fault, so clear my account of any debt cause there isnt any!"
- "..... i'll cancel the debt but it says right here that the movie is for one night only."
- "again, thats non of my fucking business. Good night."

So yeah. karma seemed to kick my ass today, and i decided to kick ba. Something horrible might happen tomorrow, thankfully im not supersticious. Clearly not good at grammar though/.

Quite a weasel-y way to weasel your ass off a petty fee, but fuckit. I discovered something about these sort of things: if you feel insecure about how good an argument you're making, act offended. The more offended, the more innocent you look.

Any petty con stories to share?