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I am Jill's Nipple.

Hello everyone, I'm new here.

Like a lot of people, "Fight Club" is how I was introduced to Palahniuk's work. I didn't realize the movie was actually based on a book until the last year or so, but once I found the book, I started looking for more Palahniuk books. So far, I've read [U]Choke[/U], [U]Invisible Monsters[/U], [U]Lullabye[/U], and I'm currently reading [U]Haunted[/U]. So far, I think [U]Lullabye[/U] and [U]Haunted[/U] are my favorites.

There seem to be a lot of great people on this forum, and I'm looking forward to getting to know most of you. :stups: