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I am here because...

After two college degrees and six years in the Army, who would have thought that finding a decent paying job would be tough. I mean I have tons of leadership/management skills/ experience. I have a high IQ, The VA is going to pay for another masters for me. Is this going to help? Or am I just a typical American with entitlement syndrome?

So I said fuck the system and experimented with writing, acting, Filmmaking. And now I've produced an award winning short film, which I wrote, directed and produced. Here is the Trailer:

I continue to write and I'm looking to better myself in the craft of writing. Me and some other local actor have developed a practice of going out and acting, do scenarios with complete strangers at the mall, bars, nightclubs, even on the streets. Not unlike Tyler's mission in Fight Club to go out and pick a fight with a stranger.

Example Exercise (For Men only)
Go shopping at a grocery store, get all the food you need, and take your shirt off and check out. Your objective is to check out with out someone calling the cops. If you can remain calm and look like you're supposed to be doing that. OR believe you can you get away with it. Amazing.


That's a little about me

White Nuwabian