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hunting jonathon

hunting jonathon's picture hunting jonathon
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Finally one day, you hear the solemnity of a daily cadence that provides no beneficent reward of future enrichments or soul enhancing nourishment. It’s as if I have been starving for years and not until now have I become even the slightest bit aware of the seriousness of my condition, as the hunger clings to my face staring through all those that I encounter. I wish to wake one morning and know that it all matters, like it did in youth when delusions of belief eased my mind and cradled me to sleep.
I call myself “hunting Jonathon” as I feel that the genocide enacted by the negativity of the ignorant masses has rooted out and destroyed all those that believe in mental flight. As my name is Jonathon, as I hope you are dreamers like myself, we must be aware that we are being actively hunted and desensitized by the mundane, by the repetitious, by all things boring. We are slowly dying.
I wish to live again, to fly higher than anyone has dared to go, and that brings me here………