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most embarrassing moments?

sitting at a restaurant w/ four friends, two of them male, and my bf, the convo devolved into a very frank and graphic discussion of sex. this was scary enough as it was, since my bf and i were the only ones there actively fucking one another, so when we talked about preferences, practices, etc., it kind of gave other ppl a picture they prob. didn't want. but the kicker was when the subject of boobs was broached, and my bf blurted out, "they're fun to rub your pee-pee between." just like that. he actually said pee-pee. i died. i really did.

second most embarrassing instance of my entire life was when i puked all over a bar where i am a regular. what made it even more embarrassing than you'd think was that it was only my second shot of whisky, and i wasn't even drunk. that sucked ass--esp. since one bartender just stood and looked at me even though she was standing right next to a trash can she could have been a bud and pushed in my direction, and another bartender hollered at my friend who was with me, "get her out of here! get her out of here! this looks bad!" like somehow puking had made me deaf.

so yeah. spill, people.