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 Yup, I'm new to this online community. I've always wanted to develop friendships with people with similar to myself! I figure, why not, might as well try... so here I go...

I first started reading Chuck when Lullaby came out. I knew he wrote Fight Club and it was on sale in Costco and had a pretty neat cover. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. I still haven't read Fight Club (I own it but I just can't bring myself to do after seeing the movie so many times. I almost feel as if since it the act was not done in the proper sequential order, then it's going to ruin the book) however I have read most of his other books, the exceptions being Rant and the non-fiction which I will be delving into shortly.

My attraction to Chuck's writing stems from my love of old Dark Romanticism. Hawthorne and Poe and their presentation of humanity, all of humanity, dark and light.

I look forward to getting acquainted with you and hopefully becoming passionately involved in rigorous discussion!