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Hows it goin

So I'm new to The Cult as a member, however I have been lurking around this site off and on for about a year now. I first got into Chuck when I was living with my older brother when I was 16. His girlfriend had a copy of Choke lying around and I picked it up and was immediately hooked (how could you not be a teenager and love a book like that?). However I left his books alone (military stint, I had to get outta my hometown). while in the service though I got hooked again reading Survivor, Invisible Monsters, my wife even sent me Rant the day it came out, Snuff and Pygmy. I actually only read Fight Club a few months ago. Well now that I'm done with the service (thank christ) I'm just a normal college student. I enjoy writing and reading history and being around people that have a unique sense of humor. I hope to have some interesting conversations while here.