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How's How I Love Epigraphs and Dedications, and That?

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I've always loved a good epigraph. as soon as i read this particular one, i knew i'd be in love with the book. epigraphs are funny like that: the way they can completely sum up the book, like a title can. but in a completely obscure way, that isn't fully realised without finishing the book, and understanding it, and its greater meaning. even then, the epigraph can feel absolutely foreign. the epigraph to a novel can almost be a piece of the art in itself. another puzzle piece. like a little clue. so this is the epigraph that i love, it's from Denis Johnsons' Jesus' Son:

When I'm rushing on my run
And I feel just like jesus' son
- "Heroin", Lou Reed

so what are your favourite epigraphs, or ones that stuck with you, or resonated the story beautifully?