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how to make your best salad dish


so, my woman called me. i'd missed the call because i was in the bathroom pinching. then i was wiping and that took a while because it was despicable and smeary. anyway, i'd made a salad for lunch and sent her an email with a picture and i called her back and the spinach salad looked great to her. nom nom nom quality. basically, it was canned salmon, minced purple onion and artichoke and black olives and mushrooms, cracked peppercorn and shaved parmesan over spinach with a very virgin olive oil vinaigrette greek dressing. it was phenom. only the past two years have i genuinely gotten into salads and i'm curious about other ways of making them.

ive toiled with making my own dressing, searing olive oil and garlic and spicy mustard. but the other parts i'm having trouble splicing neatly. arugula, or mixed lettus? spinach is always a very good tasting and healthy choice. and ive thought about grilling a wedge lettuce salad, perhaps slightly baking a sliced chunk of iceberg lettuce with caramelized white onions and crumbled feta. i am open to salad suggestions, please..