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How to kill yourself on suicide watch

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Hi, just to get it out of the way: I'm from sweden, a lot of swedes express themselves really good in english, I'm not one of them but I understand english really well and use that to write in swedish. I hope this is okey. (I, would of course love to be able to write in english, the swedish population is about 9 million and that's it.. including babies....)

Nevertheless, I'm writing a story that I'm really excited about, I've had the idea for about three years and it's finally getting structured, all the essentials are there - so let's jump to my problem.

I have one character, a teenager, that needs to commit suicide in this story, he wants and needs to and it is a fictional suicide that is necessary for the story - it's not "recommending it" in anyway. But, after taking nembutal pills (barbiturates) and drinking a lot of booze, he falls asleep and pukes out most of it, waking up in an ambulance pumping out his stomach (or what it's called). This is kind of a little twist in the story, seeming that suicide would be the easiest thing in the world, and now he's stuck in a suicide-ward.

And here is where I'm stuck with research aswell. In sweden I know that they assign a person to guard the "suicide-patient" 24/7, even when they go to the bathroom etc. And the next day, they consult with the "chief physician" who will decide if they need the guard further etc.

Does anyone know how a consultation like that would sound like? (My character being smart about it but still just wanting to end his life as fast as possible).

Or do anyone have an interesting way that he could manage to kill himself from that environment - it doesn't have to be quick, but preferably interesting and innovative - or just very convincing dialogue with the "chief physician". Of course, it doesn't need to be pertaining to swedish care or regulations, I'd prefer more international - and as long as it sounds legit and has some merit, it will do the story just fine.

Any suggestions, links, references or anything would be very much appreciated!