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How do you sleep?

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Well besides sleeping, how do you like to maintain the indoor environment (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc..) during the seasons? Whats your favorite type of weather? Any other aspects of the environment that just gets your juices flowing?

As for myself, I like the extremes. If it is going to be cold, I want it to be really cold. The temperature range of 40-75 really annoys me, especially when its ambiguous and I don't know what to wear. During the winter I like to keep the windows open at all times. It keeps me from being sick and keeps my respiratory system snot-free. A hot and stagnant indoor enviroment just says to viruses and bacteria "hey come in here and breed all you want." Sometimes people I live with get annoyed because they want to live in a hot a stagnant house/apartment. But I am stubborn and I tell them to wear a sweatshirt if they are cold. I like a bright room most of the time; this halogen lamp on my desk really makes the room great.
In terms of precip., i really enjoy snow (i'm a skier). I do hate cloudy/misty days. If it is going to rain, I want it to rain hard. Thunderstorms are fun (to a point).

My favorite season is winter