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How to brief people reading a draft?

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Hope this is the right area. I did the Max Barry intensive here about 15 months ago, finished a first draft of a novel and a few more drafts later I'm feeling ready to get some feedback and release it into the wild.

I've got a handful of friends and friends of friends who have expressed an interest in reading through it but I feel the urge to write some kind of brief or instructions of what I want. Then there's a part of me that thinks just let them get on with it.

What do others do when handing out a draft to inexperienced readers?

Is there anything you should specify so they look out for it or give feedback on, eg. characters, plot, style, etc. I don't want to dilute the purity of them being a regular first time reader with guidelines and objectives but then again, I don't want them to just come back with, 'Yeah, it was alright.'