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House of Leaves

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More of a resurrection than a [I]bump[/I]. Last night I told several culties and others in email that I was giving up on the book.

I lied.

I spent ten hours reading today. Put the book down 4 hours ago and am still feeling irritated and jumpy. At the point in the book when the SOS stats tapping out: my younger daughter is passing through the room and suddenly the Sousa Star Spangled Banner March kicks in.

Obviously a cell phone ring tone. Daughter tells me it is her phone. We cannot tell where it coming from. Although it seems clear the phone is in the room with us. The Sousa march does not repeat, but rather her chosen ring tone. I put daughter on the landline, having her hit redial. The ring tone is very definitely in the room but coming from no specific place. It take 30 minutes to locate the phone, which is behind the pillow I was leaning againt for 10 hours while reading HoL.

Perhaps it is because the book centers on a character named Karen and her fracturing marriage and her claustophobia that I cannot break away. Being named Karen and what with the rest of it, being a sprial stair case thinker.

The book is not scaring me. Reality, however, is weirding me out big time.

This is the stuff I live for. Someone else who knows what darkness really looks like. I think the power and disempowering comes from calling forth the imagination and the intellect simultaneously. Really? I need to speak in depth not with a reader who got the book, but with a reader whom the book got.

This is why I don't read fiction. This is why I write fiction.