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Hot tempered guys kicking ass needed.

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I’m writing a story and require the assistance of a hot tempered guys (or some violent chicks who kick ass) between the ages of 24 to 29. This story I’m working on has a character going off to kick some other guys ass, and I’m feeling a bit stuck on exactly how this character is thinking besides saying he was really pissed off and ready to kick ass. Basically I need a few people to explain how they felt when they knew they were going to confront someone (for a valid reason) and it would more than likely lead to violence.

Things like this would really help me:
Were you shaking with rage beforehand?
Did you scare yourself at how angry and violent you were?
How did that person react when they saw you?
Did you talk yourself into more of a fury as you headed there?
Did it end the way you thought?

Thanks to anyone who answers