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Homemade Drugs


Ok, so I have looked online for various homemade drugs, and found far to many results, but the thing is, are these real? I want a character to have a strong knowledge of drugs he used which he made himself with homemade recipies. Are any, or many of these recipies real? Where can I find real ones? and if you have any yourself, the more I have the better.

I dont know how posting this type of stuff goes here, but if you are more comfortable pming me, please do so.

thanks very much.

[b]Edit by Jane: This thread is not a place to discuss past drug experiences; it is a thread to discuss the homemade manufacturing and research into drug production. Please do not make posts in the vein of "One time I was so high..." Your cooperation is appreciated in making this a better, safer, more enjoyable Cult for us all.[/b]