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You got it. Between 1992 and 1996 I spent several long stretches of time being [i]locationally challenged[/i]. Exact dates are difficult for me; you know, no calendar. But I did the complete tour - from sleeping on friend's couches, to letting myself get picked-up in bars, to sleeping under over-passes, behind dumpsters, in welfare hotels and crackhouses. I ate what I could steal and what you threw away. I did my time in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and San Diego.

I was not insane or an addict or an alcoholic. When I started, anyway. Homelessness fucks with your head in a big way, and booze and drugs are no less availabile than any other place, and often the only comfort one might have.

Not once did I panhandle.

Anything you might want to know, I will try to answer.