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Holy shit

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Oky this is not made up I swear

Earlier tonight, I was driving home. I was driving north on hwy whatever, I forget. But as I look out to the northwestern sky, I see a shooting star.

I think whoa kind cool.

And then, I am no joking here, it burst into flames. The thing started heading down, at maybe a 20 degree angle. Burning with a bright red flaming tail at first, then it flashed bright green. Like a flare, only ten times as huge. It went behind some clouds, and it flashed again, only white this time. It moves from behind the clouds and big oragish fire tail gets thicker, but it is so far away I can't hear anything. I could see from my point of view that it was very distant from where I was.

The big streaking flame stayed bright green. The entire sky was green. It hurt my eyes to look straight at the thing. And the fire behind it looked like it was started by engine fuel. I keep looking at it, and the next thing I know I am running off the road, so I readjust myself, and when I look back, I see it trailing off below the treeline. I was pretty close to the trees, so it had a good ways to go before it hit.

From a place called Jasper, in Texas, which is 3 or 4 hours away from where I am now, the sheriff's department got calls from people reporting this thing.

What the hell was it? I have seen a shooting star, but this was much mure severe. I mean WAY more severe. It could have been a meteorite, because I have never seen one this close before(though it was far away) so I dont know how meteorites are up close. I'm saying it was a meteorite, because it started out with the exact same look as a shooting star.

Only, why was it flashing green?

And, why the hell was the tail on this thing so bright and long? And did it hit the ground?