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hi there

hello everyone,

i signed up primarily to participate in the writer's workshop, and i thought i'd introduce myself here.

i've been fascinated by chuck palahniuk's writing since freshman year of high school, when i first read "guts." then i saw fight club, then i read fight club, then i saw fight club again, and it ended up having a pretty big impact on my development of a world view in those formative years.

now i go to college in new york and i'm majoring in writing. being a writer has been my thing throughout my life, for as long as i can remember, cliche as that is to say. i'm almost done with a class i've been taking this semester called Beginning the Novel, and to be honest it kinda sucked. none of the submissions in this class have been on the same level as the workshop submissions i've read here so far; but hey, at least i get college credits for it. actually my dissatisfaction with the class is part of the reason i decided to give this site a shot, and it's looking really good so far.

so yeah i'm working on a novel, i'm about 11,000 words in, and i have no idea if it's any good. i also write short stories semi-regularly.

let's see, my favorite author right now is bret easton ellis. i read his entire bibliography in order, starting my junior year of high school, just kind of moseying along, liking him but not that much, and then i read american psycho, glamorama, and lunar park throughout my first semester of college and i was just blown away. the latter two, particularly, are some of the most powerful books i've ever read. i was so moved by lunar park's ending that i could not stop crying, literally, until i went outside to smoke some cigarettes, and even then...never have i been so affected by a work of art. i feel like i can really relate to bret easton ellis, more so than any other author.

well, some other favorites of mine: raymond carver, donna tartt, amy hempel, dennis cooper, haruki murakami, hunter s. thompson, martin amis, and of course nabokov, garcia-marquez, etc. etc...

ok i've said enough, i'm sure i'm boring you all by now. sorry for the lengthy intro! i am looking forward to reading and critiquing you guys in the workshop, and eventually submitting pieces of my own.


oh yeah and i will be at webster hall to see chuck and amy on wednesday, so if you see me, help me buy drinks ('cause i don't have a fake id)! :D