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Hey all,

I've been writing on and off for a few years. I recently published a personal memoir and it has boosted the courage to write a lot more and practice better writing. I'm inspired by Chuck's novels, although I have not read them all I probably have them all, my brother's also a huge fan. I'm 22 years old, living in a small town in West Virginia. Yay!

I just started writing about a serial killer and it really helped to get over my nerves in writing about crime. I found that it helps for me to create morality/humanity even though the criminals are supposed to be crazy. I want to paint them in a lense so that you can see both sides to the story, so for me it's better as the author tells it, objective/omniscently.

I look forward to meeting members on here and exchanging tips on writing, life, etc. I joined the workshop and so far I found it extremely beneficial. I didn't know there were so many edgy and creative people! Sometimes when you branch out it's hard to create a style, some people can be anal about everything.

I try to be honest and not judgmental. I think some people on forums where there's writing will debase each-other for an ego flare, well I'm not that way! I think writing is a form of self expression, and we can all express it in our own style without the need to be bias instead of just critical. I think some people do get jealous of each other.

More? I'm still a student studying for film and communications, and not sure where the next year will take me.