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Hi ya'll!
I'm sorta new I started reading Palahniuk books about five months ago and I really like them. I've read "Choke", "Fight Club", and "Invisible Monsters" so far, and I'm in the middle of "Lullaby" right now.
I've written stuff before, such as short stories and such, but I'm bad about starting them and not being able to finish them. So maybe while I'm here I can work on that. I like making movies too, even though I have an eye for perfection (when it comes to movies and stories..not anything else!), and I'm currently working on a remake of "Pearl Harbor" with my friends (as a stupid movie as my gift to them for graduation). Otherwise, I just like doing whatever so long as it isn't boring.
I'm a pretty laid back person, so I won't rock the boat much. Just don't yuck my yum and we won't have any problems (and I won't yuck your yum)!! Well, that's all for now.
ps...please be nice!! lolz