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Hey everyone!

Hey, well i've been hanging out here for about three weeks now, so i'm probably overdue for a basic introduction. I'm a horticulturist, literary dilletante living in relative solitude in small town New Zealand. Just recently shifted to this town and the only people i know here are work colleagues and the pathetic drunks at the local pub. Perhaps i'm being judgemental, but they seem to have the combined intelligence of a wet sponge, and appear to believe that reading is the past time of nerds or stuck up pretenious assholes. The plan is to finish the year out on the orchard, then go to university (or college as some of you call it) to study english literature.

Was attracted to this site after reading some passages from Chuck's writing programme. Have been here for a bit, generally making a fool of myself and regularly getting caught up in debate trying to defend certain authors. The place has an excellent vibe so i intend to hang around while trying not to be argumentative bastard who throws of the unique balance that the regulars have established here. In short i'm a simple man who is an avid reader, big drinker (i think Tom Waits put it best when he said 'I'd rather have a drink in front of me than a frontal lobotamy') and general odd sort. Here is a pic that shows the view from the orchard i live and work on :)