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I picked up [I]Haunted[/I] from the library a couple months ago back, I have absolutely no idea what inclined me to look into Palahniuk's work but I'm damn grateful for doing so. I finished it within two days and immediately recognized him as an author with talent to provoke thought and disturb me whilst doing so. After, I read [I]Diary[/I] and bought [I]Survivor[/I], which was forgotten about and sat on my book shelf for a month or so. Recently I was assigned a book report in English, I remembered previously mentioned abandoned Palahniuk book, I finished it a week or so ago, was led here for an explanation of the ending and decided I may as well join.

I'm a freshman, 14 years old, despite the majority of kids my age I'm not an idiot. Feel free to try and corrupt me, but I'm already rather screwed up. I also like Neil Gaiman, Kurt Vonnegut, Anthony Burgess, Augusten Burroughs, Douglas Adams, etc; I'm always open for suggestions. Currently I'm reading Choke by Chuck Palahniuk, Generation X by Douglas Coupland and Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.