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New here. So yeah, hi. I've joined several writer's forums over the years and haven't really been overwhelmed by any of them. That is, until I stumbled upon this site. Finally a forum full of people who can agree on something, Palahniuk.
Most of the other sites I joined were full of people stroking their ego and verbally masturbating on and on about how their writing will someday change the world. I appreciate the optimism, but your essay about the family dog that just passed away ain't gonna change shit, let alone the world. There was that stuff and the shitty poetry. Not trying to sound like a douche, but damn, some of that crap is like the first day of American Idol. Every kook in the world thinks they're the next Robert Frost.
Anyway, a little about myself.... I'm 42, laid back, and currently a film student in Colorado. I can be pretty cynical, but not in a bad way, I'm never cruel or vindictive. I'll try to respect everybody's opinion on this site. I can talk about anything, so don't be surprised to see me popping up here and there.
I think I just got through with my mid-life crisis. I'm a former smack/coke/booze addict and one day after horribly injuring myself while on a bender, I decided it was time to go clean. It was then that I really looked at the world I had created for myself and thought, what the fuck am I doing? I had a job that I hated, lived in a placed I couldn't stand, and had to face the bleak probability that I was fucked unless I did something dramatic. So, I told my boss to fuck off, walked away from a lucrative career, and wrote a novel. Still haven't had it picked up, but whatever. Life's too good right now to care.
Long story short, hello. I look forward to meeting you all....