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Here I am. Love me.

Hey, I am new (duh) and thought I'd do the mandatory intro post. I'm an English major in Portland, OR and started reading Palahniuk earlier this spring and am working towards reading them all. Obviously it started with Fight Club. I read the book to augment the 5 zillion times I had watched the movie, and I was intriuged with the writing style. So I picked up Choke and read it in a day. Followed by Lullaby and Invisible Monsters. I think I'll pick Diary next. I find his writing style addictive and I feel altered after I've read each of his books. Sweet eh?
Other authors I'm into are Michael Cunningham and Joyce Carol Oates (Perticularly her short stories). I'm a student at Portland Community College, and plan on transferring to Portland State next fall. That's about it for me.
I'll be around.