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Hemp Jewelry


Anyone else make hemp jewelry?

Here are some of mine, sorry for the bad pictures, they were taken with my cellphone.

Krist0ph's Hemp K17

Its one of my most recent hobbies, and i'm enjoying it!

It all started after reading the lullaby with mona and oysler's hippy like mentality, with the braiding and dreads.

I tried to create something and failed horribly lol. but about a couple weeks ago I was chillen with a girl with dreadlocks named

nicole. She had a some hemp on she said she made, and basically to make a long story short she taught me how to make a couple knots lol. I taught myself from there on.

If you guys want check out some more of my hemp go to my website If you decide you would like one, send me a message saying your from the cult and ill give you a free hemp keychain :)

I also know that CP also creates things out of beads and knots, I saw them under the trading forum. Dose anybody have more information on these by chance? like how do you recieve them? what are they made out of?