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Help needed with flash 8 and (supposedly) simple actionscripts. not urgent, but still

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So here's what i want.

I got two buttons. They're not really buttons, but symbols with some simple actionscripting so the symbol plays when the mouse is placed over it, and rewinds when the mouse rolls off it. Very much like a roll in / roll out thing.

So up to that it works. I can add scripting for that button to load a whatever or do something.. bla bla bla. But a few ideas that i have need for each symbol, when the script activates, to actually push the other buttons away from the button activated by rolling the mouse over it. And then when you clicked a button, it would open up and reveal text or whatever, and shrink the other buttons even more.

So to test out the scripting i'd have to do with this, i dedied to start with 2 very simple blue squares. When you go over one, it grows, and makes the other shrink. When you go off them, they both return to theyre original size. I havent even managed to do this much.

This is what i tried. Here's the timeline:


On the [b]acc[/b] layer, i have a few actions. They're basically stop actions.
On the [b]label[/b] layer i have... labels.
On the [b]btn2[/b] layer i have the blue button on the right.
On the [b]btn1[/b] layer i have the blue button on the left.

My idea was to script this thing so whenever you'd go over btn1, the scrip would take the timeline to "Uno_sobre" (sorry for the spanish), which basically switches btn2 for a btn2 animated so that the btn2 would shrink. You go over btn1, timeline goes to frame Uno_sobre, the btn2 gets changed to the fake btn2, it plays its animation and stops. THen when you roll the mouse off btn1, the script tells the timeline to go to frame 20, labeled "Uno_sobre_rolloff", where instead of a fake btn2 shrinking, we have a fake btn2 going back to normal and then stopping. Then at frame 29, on the acc layer there's a script to take you back to frame 1, "uno", resetting the whole thing.

This is the script on btn1:


It seems to me it should work. But it doesnt. There's no errors in the script, its something im not managing. Cause when i try the thing, it snaps instantly to frame 20. Then when i go over btn1 with my mouse, it goes to frame 11, then when i go off it it goes back to 20.

Actually it visually looks just like i want it, visually it works. But codewise it doesnt, and when i start applying the same formula to the whole thing, it starts messing up.

Am i just going the long way around, or scripting this incorrectly or what?