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Help Me? I don't know what I'm reading...

As a rising senior in high school I am again facing a summer reading list. Below are the titles- anyone have input? I don't know very much about these titles/authors, except for Frankenstein (of course,) and Charles Dickens.

[U]The Heart of Darkness[/U]- Joseph Conrad
[U]Frankenstein[/U]- Mary Shelly
[U]Hard Times[/U]- Charles Dickens
[U]Ethan Frome[/U]- Edith Wharton
[U]Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man[/U]- James Joyce
[U]Invisible Man[/U]- Ralph Ellison
[U]All the King's Men[/U]- Robert Penn Warren

Thoughts, insights, and opinions about these books would be greatly appreciated. I'm a huge Palahniuk fan, and I've had a great time reading some of the titles recommended by the Cult. I've been amazed by the thoughtfulness and depth of discussion here, and I'd be grateful for any insight.
:) Thanks!