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Help? Looking for irregular love in literature

Hey everyone,

Help? Please?
I'm writing a term paper for my lit class, and I want to talk about society's conceptions of nontraditioal romantic relationships, possibly with a focus on the extra-marital or secret affair.
Just about how people inevitably try to find happiness when faced with their own misery and how society frowns on the ways in which they try to do it..

The novels I already have:
Anna Karenina
Ethan Frome
The Scarlet Letter
A Farewell to Arms
Jane Eyre
and I'd really love to use Choke...

Any ideas or book recommendations are welcome and greatly appreciated.
Obviously my ideas are still in the very rough stages of development.

I'd love to focus the whole paper on Anna Karenina (anyone who has read this novel knows what I mean, and how absorbing it is-) but I am required to use at least six novels and span at least three different American literary movements. Classic lit is preferred, though I'm already going to fight with my teacher about Chuck and Bret Easton Ellis (I just bought The Rules of Attraction, and would love to use it) as contemporary authors.

Thank you! :)