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help finding new book

I know I know there's probably a million threads somewhere else in here that I could look through, truth is, I have been looking but can't quite find what I'm looking for- Here's the problem:
I've read all the Palahniuk books, and what I'm looking for is something with the great twists and story lines like his, but also with humor. not just a dark droll story, but I enjoy the dark humor chuck has in his books too- about 2 days ago I found this site and went under his recommendations and picked out Monica Drake's 'Clown Girl', and it was pretty awful. It did have that hint of humor I'm looking for, but it was pretty bad, and it's going back to the library asap. So if you could suggest something that would be up my alley that I could pick up while chucking clown girl in the return bin- please- all suggestions will be helpful thank you =]