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Help!!! Can't reboot after Windows Update

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Hi guys,

As of about an hour ago, an automatic Windows Update ran on my pc. It then asked me to restart my computer for the Updates to take effect. Upon doing this, my computer froze at the loading screen, when it scans my drives.

*I've attached a picture I took of my monitor at the exact place it freezes.

The boot won't move beyond this point. Furthermore, it won't let me boot into Safe Mode by tapping the F11 key, nor the Bios Setup by tapping DELETE. Even on this frozen screen you see, none of those commands work either.

I find it very suspect that this happened right after installing this new Windows Update. The two have to be linked. I also don't like how, in the picture I attached, you'll see that it says, "Checking NVRAM.." Yes, I have a NiVidea GeForce. I believe the 3300+. But honestly, I can't say for sure unless I could get onto the computer.

Other stats:

Windows XP
Service Pack 3
AMD Athlon 2800+
Drives: C Drive Master, CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Slave, D Drive Secondary Master (backup files).
*All of these drives are IEDE. Not SATA.

Let me know what else you need to help me.

Oh, I also just tried unplugging the backup drive and CD-ROM, and it still wouldn't go past this point. I also tried unplugging and then replugging back in my Video Card. That didn't work either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.