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Hello/Reason Why I Am Here

Hello, I believe that a proper introduction is needed much before my purpose for being here. My name is Dion, I'm 23 and I'm an actor over here in California. I do much more than just acting. I also screen write (I'm currently working on an off-beat indie romantic comedy that also caters to fans of old kung fu flicks, strange huh?!), I also co write/produce/co direct/act/etc for a top secret yet highly innovative theatric production. Other than my profession, I enjoy good music (Glass Candy, M83, Lady Gaga, Etc.), the beach, and am a closeted pro wrestling nerd.

Now for why I am here. A long time ago I was intrigued by the book Invisible Monsters after learning that the Panic! At The Disco song Time To Dance was inspired by the book. Fast forward some time after that, I've heard of the movie being in development. Fast forward even further, the news simply stopped coming in. So this is where I am willing to offer a proposal.

I think it would just be flat out amazing if Invisible Monsters not just get a film adaptation but also...a play/experimental theatre adaptation. I honestly do not know how to get a hold of Chuck Palahniuk himself about the idea but I figured that it would be best to get input and support from the book's fans first.

If everything goes to plan, the play would get written according to everyone's liking and would be making it's debut/test run in a major city over here in California. Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know!