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Hello fellow Space monkeys

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=lemonchiffon]Hey people. I forgot to post in this forum at the start so I’ll do it now. I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m 16/m/philly and my name is Robert Paul…Jordan Blum (…). I am a Junior in HS and I got an 1160 on the SAT's. Uh my music tastes arevery diverse and my 3 favorite movies (in order) are “Donnie Darko”, “Fight Club” and “Memento” (I like movies that make you think). I’m a guitarist with a lot of raw talent and ideas to pay homage to my signature (I’m writing a concept album in my mind…more on that if anyone cares). I’m not in a band though. Now for Chuck[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Yellow]How I came to know of Chuck is simple. When I first saw ads for the FC movie, I dismissed it as a macho BS movie (I know I’m not alone). My friend Adam said “No man it’s brilliant. WATCH IT!” so I said “Ok if you see the Darko”. We both did what we said we would and I loved FC. I wanted to read the book but I only found “Choke” at the Library. I loved it (though I’m not sure what happened in it ultimately). I bought “FC”, “Lullaby”, “IM” and “Survivor” but only read “FC” (really awesome and the ending is better than the movies by far). I then read “Floating Dragon” by Peter Straub cause my dad said, and I agree, that it’s the best horror book ever. Anyway now I’ll finish “The Hobbit” and read one of the 3 books I have left. I think Chuck has a brilliant way of writing and a look on life that I share I some ways.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=cyan]So what’s the deal with this place? What’s the workshop shit I’m reading about? You guys aren’t really in a cult are you lol? Can anyone explain all I need to know about this site?[/COLOR]