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Hello all...


Hello, my name is Beth and I'm an alcoholic...nah, just kidding. I'm new to the Cult as you can tell. My best friend forced me to make an account. You all might know her...she goes by Be_The_Change_Bri around here...look Brianne! I'm here! Are you happy now!? :p

I love reading, writing, video/computer games, my two cats Piper and Holly and my dog who may actually be a giant piece of fuzz, Tai. I just recently got into Chuck P's stuff, but I'm liking it so far, lol. As far as that goes, I've read Fight Club and Choke. I have Invisible Monsters but haven't started it yet. I'm actually leaving tomorrow morning for Georgia, so apologies If i don't respond for a week. :o

I look forward to reading your posts when I get back. In the meantime, feel free to quiz Brianne about me...or don't. She's a liar. ;)