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I just found this place by accident while discussing Fight Club and Choke with a friend of mine.

Fight Club was the first time I'd seen any of Chuck's work. I'd avoided the movie when it first came out because I really didn't care for Brad Pitt and the posters looked a bit absurd. I came across it by accident one night while on shift. It was the opening scene where the narrator is discussing insomnia. I had to say I was transfixed. Before I realized it, the movie was over and I'd lost a couple of hours. Fortunately nobody cares what you do on night shift. I walked away genuinely surprised to have enjoyed the movie and the thought: well, at least I'm not that crazy.

I've been an insomniac for 16 years now with no real desire to change. No signs of schizophrenia, yet. Though I've been called a 'functional sociopath' by more than one shrink.

Other than that I'm pretty much a living, breathing cliche: A writer (with writers block), living in the Netherlands, drunk on Absinthe. I'm already divorced, maybe I should take up smoking and complete the picture.