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Have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record!

Brother Supremo's picture Brother Supremo
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And Vinyly offers you the chance to press your remains into a record with music of your choice, vocal recording, or complete silence(24 minutes total, 12 on each side, longer for more money), cover artwork of your choice or your portrait painted by an artist. Up to 30 copies pressed and distributed to record shops around the world if you wish. All for £3000 or roughly $4750.

I think my cover would be something along these lines:

My tracklisting might be difficult, it is only 24 minutes.
Side A:
Black Sabbath - Embryo
Led Zeppelin - Friends
Opeth - Closure
Neurosis - Exist

Side B:
Alan Silvestri, Predator Original Score - Billy
Blood And Time - Silver Ocean Storm