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Hardest books to read.


Ok. I just started reading House of Leaves and apart from the psychological effects the books puts you thru the format is just a pain in the fucking ass. I didn't want to take this up in the House of Leaves threads cause no doubt there are a grip a spoilers in there.

What other books (nonfiction or fiction) have you had problems reading?

I know Glamorama was a big problem for me but I just forced myself to only bring it to work and then it was no problem. Manufacturing Consent or any Chomsky is hard as hell to slog thru just because he writes so matter of fact like if your math teacher tried to explain math in a book. I also remeber struggling thru Controtionist Handbook but on a second run I realized it was prolly just me. Diary was tedious. But that had to do with the main charcter being female at it's hard to identify with them just like Invisible Monsters.