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Living in Canada, I often get the feeling I did looking over the fence to my neighbours house as a kid, and yelling "But dad/prime minister! they get to have a dog/handgun".

I mean, my entire arguement towards pro-guns can be summed up with the old and overused statement:
I agree with that completly. I understand that it is much easier to kill when you have a gun. For instance, that guy that shot up his work with a shot gun killing seven people probably wouldn't have been able to without a gun. He may have only killed two or three. But to counter that arguement I can simply mention the death toll with cars/cigarettes/alcohol.

I feel almost raped of freedom knowing that I can't have a handgun. Or that I have to go through so much to get one. I don't even really want one to be truthful. I would probably buy one and keep it around the house, but I would never use it. My cousin was recently attacked and almost raped, though, and I would feel much better if she had a small handgun.

What's your opinion on this?