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Hamlet's Father

I don't think that the "ghost" is actually Hamlet's father. It seems to me that he is the Devil, or at least and evil spirit tricking Hamlet.

I don't see how the ghost can be trusted... If it were a "true" ghost, then it wouldn't seek revenge - because nothing virtuous could come of it. Hamlet pondered the question of the authenticity, but acted despite his doubts.

He seems a little to quick to believe.


I think that Hamlet was in the wrong, even though he is portrayed as a tragic hero. There is no evidence that the King killed his father - I think that the Devil took advantage of Hamlet's despair and in the end - DEATH TO ALL!!!

The ghost is envious, jealous, conceited, and arrogant. That the dead king's only advice to his son is to press for revenge is the clearest evidence of deciet, for a soul that is in purgatory is a soul that is saved from Hell and is therefore focused on the love of God; on no account could such a soul demand revenge...

Hamlet should have been able to tell that a spirit is not from God, but from the Devil. It is Hamlet's madness that destoys his family, not the actions of the Queen or his uncle.