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The second will be out toward the end of this year and I cannot wait. Urban combat with the ability to wield dual weapons, an improved assualt rifle equipped with a scope, better AI, the Hunter gets an Elites agility and becomes a Brute, and many other improvements that should make it one hell of a game.

But this thread is all for all things Halo.

I actually suck at multiplayer. But Im decent at Campaign. Im currently trudging along through the game on Heroic. And Ive come to a few conclusions:

The other marines are useless. They shoot you and die before you can execute them yourself and way before they can become of any use. Those small orange convenant can take them out with ease.

The hardest common enemy are those small guys with shields. They are always rolling around doding or reflecting all the firepower you have. The only weapon that works on them is the plasma pistol which is poor weapon against most other enemies. Yes the sniper rifle and grenades easily can put one of these bastards down but they are not common weapons.

Elites are best killed with needler. Because it can get them even when they are hiding.

Legendary has got to be impossible especially with the Flood. Im dreading reaching them on Heroic.