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Halloween Metal Albums

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So out of curiosity, being halloween time, since I enjoy metal, I searched "Halloween Metal Albums" and became increasingly appalled by each list I read. I mean, someone actually recommended Lordi, who have awesome costumes and no musical talent.

So here's my definitive Halloween Metal Album list, which I painstakenly researched my archives to compile. Also which I will probably not agree with in a year's time, maybe even a week's time:

1. Portal - Outre Just got into this band. This album is scary. All hope is lost and you cannot do anything about it scary. Plus they look awesome onstage.

2. Pyramids - Pyramids This album tricks you in the beginning. It's starts off as very dream-like shoegaze that transforms into what feels like a nightmarish descent into Hell.

3. Blut Aus Nord - MoRT This album gives you a sense of being lost in the dark. It gives you feelings of uneasiness. Of being trapped.

4. King Diamond - Fatal Portait The Candle has an awesome organ intro and there's a song called Halloween. Plus this album summons evil.

5. Possessed - Seven Churches This opens with a tribute to The Exorcist called the Exorcist, even playing Tubular bells on guitar! Evil fucking death metal!

6. Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today This harks back to a time when people were actually scared of satanists and black masses and sacrificing naked women on black altars. If you like Black Sabbath, British horror films or Argento films, you'll like this.

7. Coffins - Buried Death The guitars buzz like chainsaws and everything sounds like it was recorded inside a crypt. Plus there are fucking zombies on the cover!

8. Danzig - Danzig I though Danzig IV Glenn is Halloween.