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Hey, this is something to think about!

In Chapter 27 of Choke (the disastrous rape sex scene), the girl with the rape fantasy he meets in the bookstore is called Gwen.

And you might remember in Survivor, Fertility Hollis' real name is Gwen.

Now, to me, that seems likely an uncommon name for Chuck to repeat in consecutive books. So I'm wondering if anyone else thinks 'Fertility' has returned for a cameo in Choke?

Choke: "This is a girl named Gwen I met in the recovery section of a bookstore. It's hard to say who picked up whom, but she was pretending to read a twelve-step book about sexual addiction." (Ch.27)

I believe it is the same Gwen as 'Fertility' from Survivor. Since she can dream the future, she would have known where to meet Victor, hence why she is only 'pretending' to read the book.

Anyone agree? :p