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Is this guy crazy, or just, insane ?

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(If you're like me, and you laugh to keep from crying, then you'll appreciate this from Sadly, No)

"Over at RedState, ground zero for lunatic conspiracy theories, Red State Trike Force Commando Neil Stevens has used all his mad Internet skillz to expose the liberal perfidy of Google. In this case, Commando Stevens has discovered that Teh Gazoogle has wickedly altered its drop-down search suggestions to omit any reference to Climate Gate.

This, of course, means that thousands, no, millions of right-wingers, who are apparently too stupid to search for something unless it appears in the drop-down list, will never hear of Climate Gate and will never suspect that global warming is a hoax concocted by Al Gore to further his goal of Marxist domination of the planet.

Neil’s shocking exposé of Google’s leftist machinations starts with an equally shocking revelation:

This may come as a shock, but I don’t use the Google search service.

No shit, Neil? We never would have guessed.

Notwithstanding Neil’s boycott of Google, he is apparently still willing to use the nefarious search engine in order to sleuth out evidence of Google’s Marxist tendencies:

But Google wants us to believe nobody is searching for Climategate despite it being such a big story, but I have evidence that it’s merely a coverup for political purposes.

My evidence is in the behavior of the feature itself. Watch what happens if you type in Climatega, nearly typing in the entire word Climategate:

Nope. No “Climate Gate” there. So Stevens, reaching deep into his bag of Internet tricks, tries to see what would happen if he types in “climateg” instead of “climatega.” Sadly, he still doesn’t have his Holy Grail in Google’s drop-down suggestions. Stevens then tries entering “climate” in the search box. And, woot, there it is! Right there in in the drop-down box.

This might cause a lesser wingnut to conclude that there is no plot by Google to deep-six “Climate Gate” or banish it from its drop-down suggestions. After all, the search engine suggests “Climate Gate” when “climate” is typed into the search box. And since most people don’t type backwards it’s really not that important that it doesn’t include the suggestion for “climateg” or “climatega.” Any poor conservatives that are hopelessly dependent on Google’s drop-down box will receive the needed suggestion long before they even type in “climateg” or “climatega.” And if any conservatives do wind up typing in “climatega,” my guess is that least half of them will know how to finish typing the word “Climate Gate” without any further help from Google.

But Neil is not to be deterred. The very appearance of the “Climate Gate” drop-down suggestion is, in fact, proof of the conspiracy to eliminate that suggestion. This may well be the ultimate apotheosis of the wingnut riposte that “this is central to my point.”

Well what do we have here? Climate gate scandal. Oops. They erased climategate but didn’t erase climate gate. Somebody did an incomplete job of sending the story down the memory hole. Too bad, so sad. You are exposed, Google. People are trying to get to the truth, but Google is actively trying to hide that fact.

To make matters even worse or, rather, even more central to Stevens’s point, “Climate Gate” first pops up when you type “cli” into the Google news search box.

So, at worst, all Google can really be accused of is refusing to put “climate gate scandal proves that the Earth is getting cooler and that Al Gore is a big fat lying manbearpig” in the drop-down box whenever anyone simply types a “c” into the search box.

Oh, and look what happened when I typed “why is” into Google:

I am sure that our comment section will soon have answers to all those questions."

I just had surgery for two aneurysms, I gotta quit reading this stuff.