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Guns and paranoid citizens.


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Should guns be legal? maybe just illegalize semi and fully automatics?

The way i see it, by keeping a gun at home you're more prone to have an accident with it than actually use it on somebody that attacks you. And if someone goes to your house ilelgally its usually to steal, not kill you. I've had 2 people break into my house, and as soon as they see me they run for they're lives. Worst case scenario is they tie you up while they steal. Killing the house owner would be the single dumbest thign a mugger could do, since they get into much more trouble.

Violence generates more violence. It is a proved fact that gun control makes murders go down a lot. Murderers and criminals arent born that way, but having guns around them all day long sure as hell doesnt help them avoid criminal lives. Right now getting a gun in america is as easy as getting a hamburger. And everyone goes around with the dumb argument of "guns dont kill people, people kill people.". Its funny how people believe it more when it rhymes. Its either that argument or its they're american paranoia, telling them that if they dont have a gun, when a murderer comes to they're house, they're gonna die a horrible death. Cmon. the chances of someone going to your house to murder you are slim to non. Unless you actually fucked up with a drug dealer or something.
Getting killed in the street is easier. But unless you're gonna go around with you're gun in your belt its useless at home. ANd who goes around with a gun in they're belt? its sick. WHo the fuck is so alienated by media that they actually have to go with a gun in they're belt as they walk by they're own neighbourhood to feel some fake safety?
Im sick of it. Getting murdered is a risk in life, deal with it. Out of 50 people, nearly half of them will die before they're 50.Be it disease accidents or murder, its a risk in life, a risk you have to embrace and accept. Going aorund with a gun wont help you. We aint in the wild west, a criminal isnt gonna challenge you to a duel before he shoots you. He's just gonna shoot you.