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Groups - A discussion

I've been trying to think about how to make groups better, more useful and more active during the last few days. It has always been a difficulty for us here, even in the old days when we had many more groups, after a certain period of time they all dropped to a point of inactivity.

I don't know if this is just an inherent flaw in combining groups with a forum. In many instances, it just makes more sense to make a post be in the forum, since more people can access it.

So as a minor step, I added a section to the "New Posts" page that shows you the most recent topics in groups which you are subscribed to. You can find it under the list of forum topics. This functionality has been around since we have had groups, we just never had it somewhere that was easy to get to.

I'm hoping that if group discussions are more easily tracked, there will be more activity.

Ultimately, though, the point of this post is to get ideas from you guys. What do you dislike about groups? Do you think they are even necessary? Do you have any ideas that could make them better? Those are just the questions that come to mind, but please, let me know your thoughts and ideas.